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Serena Syn, an innovative early childhood educator, completed the Waldorf Early Childhood Training and the LifeWays Early Childhood Training programs at the Rudolf Steiner College, in Fair Oaks, California.  She has been an Early Childhood educator for 10 years, and has come to embrace Waldorf Education and the LifeWays Childcare program for their integrative, holistic, and practical approach to education and childcare.  

 She is a respresentative for LifeWays North America, which is devoted to developing healthy childcare, parent-infant, and parent-child programs, and training programs for caregivers, parents and parent educators.  These programs are inspired by the works of Rudolf Steiner, the educational methods of Waldorf Early Childhood Training.  They are supported by contemporary early childhood research as well as common sense and the wisdom of many generations of parents. 

Serena has taught a series of popular workshops on instructive crafts and toy-making, and enjoyable nutritional meals, healthy environments for the young child, and parent-child workshops for homeschooling parents.

Serena is a staff member of the Sacramento Waldorf School, the Golden Valley Charter School, and the LifeWays Early Childcare Center at Rudolf Steiner College, in Fair Oaks, California, USA

She operates the PeaPod Playgroup Parent-Child Program in her home in Citrus Heights, California, USA



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